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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

~third semester!~yeahhh

assalamualaikum :)....

jauh dari keluarga will cause???...not easy to learn, and independence, because unsure of yourself ..

if in house that we
lazy to wake up,our mother tap the door until we say(bangun doh ni!) if not ,come off like a storm but we do not know je,! hahahahaha
but now all thing we make on our own for be better than others .. if not we will be left behind.

:) And now with my own efforts, I've managed to enter the semester tiga.omg!
Thank you Lord!
~ study hard, those will love you~!

:) panjang mukadimah...

third sem..susah sgt..tapi setiap kesusahan ade jalan nyer..

pic awal sem 3..

tag name colour mang rrrrr..
kiut sgt...


p/s: pic bjet lalallalal...hhahahhahah

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