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Thursday, 16 June 2011

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Posting at Hosp.Tg Anis.
Second semester…2 week …11 cross..
Elevation: 75%
               Satisfied. Hardworking,go on to be succeed.

J…story in fmw.
Firstly, meet clinical instructor..she nags likes my mum..caring n very makes me missed my mum. I don’t likes while somebody  blablabla….with her,it just u all dnnt hve dignity.
While I saw men in condition  s.o.b,cough,vomiting,fever..its remember me to my fther,..
I dnnt wnt my father get ccf,pneumonia,unstable angina,asthma..
I love him so much.. in fwd too,I meet 2 people that rvd +ve ..
First people was died it also ++with ptb,n human as teacher get rvd +ve..huuuuu educated but meanless..
Second people was on addm ..causes fever but while I read he report!! Shock!! No fever but …rvd +ve…1 years ago..OMG..
At social live..: wife rvd +ve… pregnt 7/12..
Alahaiiiii….pity to their newn born..i hope nothing will happen to he/she..actually about dignity!!..coz not he/she causes..right??
On addm…2 day,sob…was died..!
Meet boys 15 years old..unconscious. 
Thing  that  I never forget is…pok mat..his face lkes cartoon movie..hihihhihi sorry …cute ..serious in funny..likes to walk around hspt,maybe he bored..yolaaaa stay alone in iso..
Always hi in glucomter..aiyaaaa..

P/s : koya..sgt time ni,nk gne medical term konon..hahhahhahahh J

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